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To integrate the record retrieval industry like never before, ROAM has partnered with an enterprise class technology provider. Our platform, Doctet, brings together individuals and processes like no software before. We should know - we helped design it.

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Choose us for rapid turnaround, transparency, and dedicated customer service. We provide document retrieval services for Life Insurance Underwritting, Attending Physician Statements (APS), Disability Applications, Litigation, Subpeonas, Medical Audits, HEDIS and other time sensitive requests. By allowing requestors, holding facilities, and our agents to interact on one optimized system, we can provide results within days.

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Fax: (888) 248-1751

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951 Mariners Island Blvd. Suite 300
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Our professional network is able to process your request for documents anytime, anywhere.

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information you need - reliably fast. We customize our software to fit your business process.

Powerful tools in compliance with Federal HIPAA, HITECH, CMIA and State Regulation Requirements, Accounting of Disclosures, PHI Safeguarding